The Importance of a Credentialed Stylist

Despite the fact that many people can cut hair, color it, even apply make-up, the right to do so in a salon is a closely monitored and licensed profession.  Licensed cosmetologists are tested and licensed in much the same was as medical doctors, psychologists, and other people in fields in which there is physical contact.  Quite simply an unqualified beautician can be a danger to your health.

Of course,  a bad beautician can leave you looking quite badly, but an unlicensed wreak havoc with your health.  Licensed beauticians are trained in hygiene, disease prevention, sanitary maintenance and other domains that protect your health.   At Salons like Enigma Hair Studio NO ONE will be cutting your hair, coloring it, or applying any beauty enhancement unless the State of New Jersey has certified that he or she is fully trained to protect your health as well as your looks.


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